Warnings, Safety and Consumer Information... Read Immediately

This information may not apply to all Gould & Goodrich products or all circumstances, but should be read prior to purchase, use or sale of a Gould & Goodrich product. Some Gould & Goodrich products have supplemental instructions or warnings which must be read prior to use. Call Gould & Goodrich for copies of these materials.

GUNS ARE DANGEROUS. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GUN SAFETY AND GUN RETENTION. Guns can cause SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. Keep guns out of reach of children and anyone that should not have access to one. LOCK UP all guns when you are not using them. DO NOT depend on your holster to keep your gun from an unauthorized person.

NEVER handle any gun unless you have passed an appropriate, accredited firearm safety course, and know how to safely handle the gun. Make sure you have the right holster for your gun. Be extra careful when you put a gun into your holster, and when you remove a gun from your holster.

Keep any gun pointed in a safe direction regardless of whether you think it is unloaded.

HOLSTER SIZING ... BEFORE YOU USE ANY HOLSTER, make sure it is the right model and size for your gun, and that it was made to fit your gun. If you use the wrong holster, you may cause the gun to fire accidentally, or you may not be able to draw the gun from the holster.

USE AN UNLOADED GUN to check your holster for proper fit and function. Do not put a LOADED gun in any holster until you know the holster DOES NOT INTERFERE with: (a) safety features; (b) control buttons or levers; (c) sights; (d) magazine release button; (e) cylinder latch; (f) trigger. If the holster interferes with any of these, YOU HAVE THE WRONG HOLSTER! 

Unless you have a holster designed for exposed muzzle carry, make sure the end of the barrel does not stick out the bottom of the holster. Make sure the magazine release button cannot be accidentally activated in any way, whether by part of the holster, by your other equipment, or by other means, because a bump could accidentally release your magazine. Make sure you can easily fasten and unfasten any strap, snap, or other retention device on your holster. Make sure any retention or locking device in the holster works properly for your gun.

DO NOT TRY TO STRETCH, BEND, OR MODIFY any Gould & Goodrich product. DO NOT put oil or water on the product to make it fit. Call the Gould & Goodrich Customer Service Manager for help if there is reason to suspect any problem.

If you have the right holster, you may be able to smooth out your draw by lightly spraying the inside of your Gould & Goodrich holster with pure silicone spray only. Do not use oil, WD-40, etc.

HOLSTER WILL-FIT ... Gould & Goodrich always tries to provide accurate holster sizing “will-fit” information. However, gun makers sometimes make changes to their guns, often without changing the gun model number. Also, anyone can make a typing mistake or similar error. Therefore, Gould & Goodrich disclaims ANY responsibility or liability for, or consequences resulting from “Will-Fit” or sizing information, or any such errors or changes. If you use a Gould & Goodrich holster, you alone are solely and exclusively responsible to make sure your gun and your holster work properly together, and you must use an actual gun and holster to do this. If you are not sure your holster is working properly, call the Gould & Goodrich Customer Service Manager for help.

IF YOU ARE NOT SURE of the exact make, version, or model of your gun, or if you are not sure if it will fit or work in the Gould & Goodrich holster you have, call the Gould & Goodrich Customer Service Manager for help. 

MODIFICATIONS ... Gould & Goodrich holsters are for use WITH STANDARD FACTORY MODEL GUNS ONLY. An attachment, change or modification including but not limited to: a grip adapter; trigger shoe; extended or modified hammer spur; extra-long safety lever(s); target-type thumb-rest grips; or special trigger or trigger pull can make your gun unsafe to shoot, carry, holster, or draw. DO NOT put your gun in a holster if it has unsafe modifications, or if it is worn, broken, or customized.

DRAWING, HOLSTERING, AND RETENTION WARNINGS ... Before using any holster, BE SURE that you are totally familiar with the safe way to draw and holster your handgun. You are responsible to check the product for proper fit and function before each use and as often as necessary during use. Any manufactured product will wear out in time, or could become damaged or have a defect. Should any Gould & Goodrich product become worn, ill-fitting, or defective, CEASE USE IMMEDIATELY.

Be very careful when you draw and holster your gun. KEEP YOUR FINGERS AND CLOTHING, AND ANY HAMMER STRAP, THUMB BREAK, OR RETAINING STRAP, AND OTHER OBJECTS OUT OF THE HOLSTER AND OUT OF THE TRIGGER GUARD AS YOU HOLSTER AND DRAW YOUR GUN, or you might accidentally fire the gun. NEVER put your trigger finger on the trigger when you holster or draw your gun. NEVER try to cock a handgun while it is in the holster, as you may accidentally fire the gun or damage the gun or holster.

If you have an auto pistol, make sure you do not accidentally push back the slide when you holster it, because then your gun may not fire if needed, or you may accidentally cock the hammer. Always place your thumb on the back of the slide or hammer to hold the slide and hammer forward when you holster.

Make sure that you do not accidentally cock the gun when you holster. After holstering, engage any retaining devices, then make sure you have not accidentally moved the safety switch or magazine release button.

Before you wear any holster, MAKE SURE that nothing will affect your draw. Be sure there is no dirt or other foreign material in the holster before you holster your gun. Be sure that all aspects and parts of the holster and hardware are working properly BEFORE you holster your gun.

Practice drawing under stress, but NEVER PRACTICE WITH A LOADED GUN. Be sure you can prevent accidental loss of your gun during physical activity. Be sure you can keep someone else from removing the gun from your holster. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you can properly use your Gould & Goodrich holster or accessory.

IMPORTANT BASIC SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ... NEVER carry ANY  gun (a) with a round under the hammer; (b) with a round in  line with the firing pin; (c) “cocked and locked”; or (d) in a ready-to-fire condition, UNLESS the maker of your gun states that you can safely carry it this way and you are specifically trained and certified to safely carry it this way in your holster. Carrying a gun in any of these conditions INCREASES THE RISK OF ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE. Refer to the gun maker’s instructions and where appropriate, instructions from your police training officer, range master, or law enforcement agency. NEVER carry ANY gun with the hammer or firing pin in the rearward or full-cock position and the safety lever or button in the “off” or “fire” position.

If your gun is equipped with a safety switch, ALWAYS move the safety lever or button to the “safe” position BEFORE YOU HOLSTER. Do not move it to the “fire” position until you have drawn the gun clear of the holster and have pointed it in a safe direction.


NO ONE CAN MAKE A HOLSTER SECURE ENOUGH TO COMPLETELY PREVENT ACCIDENTAL LOSS OF THE GUN DURING PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. As the user, you MUST keep one hand on the gun and holster during physical activity including, but not limited to, jumping, running, climbing, or tumbling. ALWAYS use the hammer strap, snaps, and any other retention aids to help retain the gun during physical activity. DO NOT RELY ON THE HOLSTER TO ENSURE THAT YOU DO NOT LOSE YOUR GUN! 

CONSUMER INFORMATION ... Gould & Goodrich, Inc. makes no representations and disclaims any responsibility, expressed or implied, with respect to the manner or consequences of product use. The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties, expressed or implied, are excluded and shall not apply to the product sold. Determination of fitness or suitability of any product for a specific use is the responsibility of the user. User assumes all responsibility to use these products in a safe manner in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. All instructions and warnings should be read and understood by the user before product use.

Gould & Goodrich, Inc. will, at its option, repair or replace any item which is defective in materials or workmanship for one year after purchase. Only the original retail purchaser at the consumer level can rely on this guarantee. Any claims will be processed directly through Gould & Goodrich, Inc.

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