“The holster is rugged as hell”

Officer Mike Leverett, Head Firearms Instructor at Chicago PD


“I recently purchased your model K351-M26 Taser holster, and I wanted to pass along my thanks for making a wonderful holster. The fit for the cartridges and the Taser itself is perfect and the adjustable cant is a great option that I wish more holsters had. Thanks again for making a wonderful product.”

A. Johnson, California


“I am writing to tell you that I have ordered a complete K-Force duty gear set… About 6 years ago when I stared with the ….my first set of issue duty leather was Gould & Goodrich. That original issued set lasted me until now. I was so pleased with its performance that I wanted to try out your K-Force series. I have praised your product from day one and have talked to several officers who used to use … but have since switched to G&G. I would just like to say that your product not only looks great but TRULY handles the day to day operations that at times can be brutal. G&G has and will always be my first choice for duty. Thank you for giving me a product that feels natural, comfortable and untiring devotion to my needs.”

Officer Nichols, New York


“Your company has surpassed my expectations. Good customer service + quick reliable service + excellent product = repeat customer.”

Sgt. D.H.


“I have no doubt I am not the first law enforcement officer to rave about your equipment. However, I felt compelled to personally acknowledge your employees hard work, craftsmanship and dedication, it truly shows.”

Officer K.L., Missouri


“Your company has gained my deepest respect. In addition to your fine products, you have a great crew in customer service/sales”

Investigator N.R, New York


“That is exactly why I wear G&G leather. Great products, great backing and GREAT staff…”

“… I have been a loyal user of your holsters and accessories for the last 10 years, religiously. I am an instructor and have been responsible for an excellent tactical team for six years. We use your gear exclusively. When I was on the road I used your duty gear exclusively and found it to be the best…”

B.W, North Carolina


“Again thank you for your quick response to my questions, it shows you care and I like to spend my hard earned money with people that care”



“Thank you for taking the time to go to the trouble to find me the item #. It’s nice to see that some people still go the extra mile for their customers. Keep up the good work.”



“Thank you for all of your help…..and your speedy reponse. You have bent over backwards and it has been appreciated. Gould and Goodrich gets an A+++ in my books…I’ll tell everyone how great you guys have been to work with.”

Mr. Powell, Utah


“Thanks again for your assistance this morning! It was good talking with you. You’ve always been a great contact and very responsive to our needs, something that’s difficult to receive from many manufacturers these days, and we really appreciate it!”

SH, North Carolina


“I am very satisfied with the quick response I received…, and I sincerely appreciate your follow-up. I am greatly impressed by the professionalism of the G&G staff, and will continue to use and recommend your products and services.”

Lt. M.L, North Carolina


“Thank you folks very much. I will sing the praises of your company to my fellow deputies.”

Dave M., Washington


“Once again you folks have stunned me with the speed and quality of your customer service”

R.G, Arizona


“I have also used this rig in countless IDPA matches with unfailing confidence. G&G makes superior products that have survived many years nestled around my 1911… The customer service you provided by phone and email was delightful and professional far beyond my expectations. Keep up the great work and I hope to see your name in fine shops across the county.”

Thomas, Texas


“In today’s law enforcement world, no one ever seems to notice (or care) when good work is done…well I’m different, I give credit where it is due. G&G is on the money! I needed a holster repaired and it came back better that I was hoping. You stand by your products. I have at least 23 more years left before retirement; I guarantee I’ll be purchasing G&G till then!”

Michael, Jersey City


“I am a police officer here in Texas, and about to start very soon with my agency. I was looking around today at a friend’s police supply shop, and ran into the Quantum holster. To cut to the chase I absolutely love this holster. It looks good, and the security of it is phenomenal.”

Officer J. Mounger, Texas


“I just had to tell you! I got your catalog in the mail today and your holsters and other leather products are the absolute NICEST and most BEAUTIFUL stuff I have seen in a long time…”

D. Innes


“After receiving and using your paddle holster, model G17, I wanted to commend you and your staff for manufacturing a quality product. I have been wearing this holster on duty for the past 4 months. In addition to wearing it on a daily basis it has also accompanied me to the range on several occasions.”

J. Neighbors, North Carolina